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Good Earth Natural Foods

Welcome to our locally-owned Health Food store in Spearfish, sd

Bringing local organic, sustainable goods to the Black Hills of South Dakota for everyone to enjoy.


What we are know for

More About Us

Good Earth Natural Foods has been a mainstay in the Spearfish community for over forty years. It is locally owned and independently operated. Providing quality products for healthy lifestyles has been its mission from the start. Our priorities include sustainable, environmentally friendly, organic, clean, and reusable.

We support and supply a variety of local growers and makers. Our products include supplements, groceries, personal care, household items, and books. The Loft at Good Earth includes organic clothing for women, babies, and men. Local jewelry, pottery, leather, and wood products can also be found in the Loft. Our team strives to provide individualized customer service reflective of our core values.

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What You can find in our store

Organic foods

Fresh nut butter options

Freshly pressed juices

Freshly made smoothie bowls

Locally founded brands

Hard-to-find health foods


At The Health Junkie Café, we believe that delicious food can also be nutritious and beneficial for your health. Our journey began with a passion for promoting a balanced and healthy lifestyle through flavorful, wholesome, and refreshing food options. We are dedicated to providing our customers with a range of large smoothies and acai bowls that not only satisfy your taste buds but also nourish your body.

At Health Junkie Café, we prioritize using fresh, locally-sourced, and organic ingredients whenever possible. We are committed to providing meals that are free from artificial additives and preservatives, ensuring that you receive the highest quality products with every visit.

Transform Your Life with Good Earth Natural Foods

We understand the struggles of prioritizing your health, well-being and managing your time. We offer curbside pickup and delivery this way, you can stay on track and stay healthy!

Based on 48 reviews
aeriell carter
aeriell carter
Coming here after a cut and discovering the smoothie bowl was a mistake because it took two people to finish and we still had leftovers!!! everything was absolutely amazing though from the customer service to the layout to the bowl itself!! 10/10 recommend.
Jolene Krisher
Jolene Krisher
Good and helpful store. They can order what you need if they don't have it.
NorthFit Admin Team
NorthFit Admin Team
Great customer service and great selection of healthy options. Nice to know I have a place to shop when I come to the rally every year now. Highly recommend it to all you other health nuts! The smoothie bowl was fantastic as well!
Tiffanie Ramirez
Tiffanie Ramirez
I have not stepped into this store just yet but I’m giving 5 stars because I absolutely appreciate the sign they posted when plandemic hit us all. Coming from CA I can absolutely support it. We hated the mask mandate everywhere! Once I move to town I’ll definitely be shopping here. We come from a very crunchy area so this is absolutely a dream to have a store like this in the Midwest. Can hardly wait to visit. See y’all soon. I’m hoping you stock cocoyo yogurt from gt it’s delicious 😋.
Smoothie Bowls are like a 3 course meal. If you are looking for some healthy food, this is the place in spearfish.
Thomas Coronato
Thomas Coronato
I think that the store is very well organized and put together although some of the prices might be high I believe that they are generally doing a good job. As a person who's been going there for years I don't think it's very nice how people give them a rash of s*** for the signs that they post this is United States welcome to South Dakota. If you don't like it well that's your problem these people are very nice and have never said anything about not trying to help those who are sick. They are trying to alert you to the fact that maybe there's more to this pandemic that meets the eye.
I absolutely love to stop in this place every time I'm in Spearfish. They have a huge variety of natural and organic suppliments, sustainable household goods, some baked items, kombucha on tap, and some cool clothing as well. Prices are reasonable, and average with what I pay online for some of my supplements. Everyone is always nice and helpful when I've stopped in.

Our Mission

About Our Spearfish Location

Our mission has always been to provide quality products for healthy lifestyles. We prioritize sustainability and environmentally friendly practices and offer various organic, clean, and reusable options. We support local growers and makers, and our commitment to individualized customer service reflects our core values. Ready to embark on a journey towards a healthier, happier you? Come on down to Good Earth Natural Foods at 638 N Main St, Spearfish, SD 57783.

We exist to nurture both humanity and the Earth, feeding their needs and sustaining their growth.